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Create Your Own World


two smiling girls working together at a computer
Check out our game development camp exclusively for girls.

Check back in 2022 for in-person sessions!

Create the new generation of GirlPowered! games

Gain skills

  • Create interactive worlds using industry standard tools.
  • Create game-ready character models.
  • Script interactive stories.

Be empowered

  • Receive wisdom from a professional guest speaker. In summer 2016, Kim Swift, designer of the globally celebrated game Portal, spoke to the Girlpowered! students.
  • Be motivated to stand out and excel as a young woman in game development.

Make connections

  • Forge new friendships with other career-driven game designers.
  • Focus on individual projects with group learning scenarios.

Dream big

  • Choose your path: Students will learn to use popular tools and programs for character creation, level design and more.
  • Gain skills that will prepare you for college and beyond.

rhianna grimes looking at fellow camper's project

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