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Game On in 2024 at the 12th Annual Game Development Camp!

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In-Person Game Development Camp

2D & 3D sessionsJune 24-28 and July 8-122D & 3D sessions offered during both weeksThe IU Game Development Camp will offer two in-person sessions this summer, one focusing on 2D game design and the other covering 3D. Both sessions give students the chance to learn from industry professionals how to create and design their own game project. Students will work on software tutorials, participate in game design activities and join guest lectures from game designers currently working in the industry.

Online Game Development Camp

July 15-19The Online Game Development Camp offers the opportunity for students from all over the world to learn about game development from our industry-experienced faculty. Students will learn to use their imagination to create their own video game in just one week. They will also work on interactive tutorials and activities with other campers who have similar interests.

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Scholarships will be available for all sessions.


Description of the video:

Video fades in. Two Game Dev Camp students chat in front of a computer monitor displaying a game. Close-up on a student’s hands typing on a computer keyboard. Camera pans up to show a row of students working at computers. The camera looks over a student’s shoulder to see a game development software on a computer monitor. A student playtests their 2D pixel game project on a computer. A 3D model in a game development engine is displayed on a monitor. A student previews a short character animation they made in pixel art. A student works in a game development software. A Game Dev Camp counselor chats with students over a computer monitor. Student playtests their 2D platformer game project. Students test 3D game engines. Information page fades in. “The Media School Game Development Camp. Scholarships are available! Learn more and register now at”


At the 2D sessions, students will design and develop their very own 2D games, deployable to the Web, PC/Mac/Linux, mobile devices and others.

This camp focuses on independent game development and setting goals that have a realistic prospect of completion. Students will leave with versatile skills to create a 2D game of almost any design.

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Each 3D camp week is designed to introduce students to the same tools large companies use to create big budget games.

Students manipulate and build interactivity for objects and environments while exploring an advanced 3D game engine, Unreal Engine 4, a pro tool used to create some of the world’s hottest games.

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At least one of the staff always helped or had helpful information.  All of them were awesome to have at the camp.  Really made the camp.

The leaders of the camp were very nice and fun to talk to and clearly have a passion for games.

When I first arrived, I knew nothing – now I feel like I can make a game.

[My Daughter’s] experience in the camp was FANTASTIC!  To be honest, we weren’t sure if we were getting her in over her head or not, but she came home every evening with positive commentary and rolled out of bed early each morning with no complaints.

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