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2024 Alchemist Scholarship

2024 Alchemist Scholarship Form

  • This is a special scholarship to honor the memory of Mike Sellers, who was the head of the Game Design department at IU. Mike was always extremely supportive of the Game Development Camp, and we want to preserve his helpful spirit in the form of an annual scholarship. This will be awarded to one camper and will cover $500 towards tuition.
  • Applications must be submitted before May 12, 2024, and include the following two items:

    1. Official copy of student's grade transcript (photo of it is fine), either attached at the bottom of this form, or emailed to

    2. The completed form below, including a thoughtful answer to the essay prompt.

  • The following teacher or school principal has agreed to recommend me as a scholarship applicant:

  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Don't forget to email an official copy of the student's transcript to if you didn't attach it to this form!