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Create Your Own World

Art Camp

Summer 2017: June 26–30

Make art for your games!
The Art Camp is expanding this year from the inaugural two-day session from summer 2016. For summer 2017, experience a week-long adventure into a variety of tools professional game artists use everyday. This session will offer workshops for creating art using popular 3D modeling, animation and 2D programs while using graphics drawing tablets. Among the tools we’ll use are Autodesk Maya and Photoshop.
No prior experience required!
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Here are a couple samples made entirely by students doing the 2-day Art Weekend from summer 2016:
Izzy’s concept to 3D render:
izzy concept
izzy ram skull 3d render
Ben’s concept to 3D render:
Ben concept
Ben skull guy 3D render
What can you make? Come find out!