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Create Your Own World


Game Development Camp at the Indiana University Media School is a rewarding experience for students interested in all sorts of games and the technology that powers them.
Students need no previous experience, and they don’t have to be tech-savvy or avid game players. We welcome those who are curious and want to spend a week or two in summer learning something new, right along with those who aspire to be the next cutting-edge game creator.
Our sessions are geared to different interests, and some students attend more than one during the summer. Note: Though we offer GirlPowered! just for girls, girls and boys are welcome in the 2D and 3D sessions.

See what camp is like: 
Read a story on The Media School website about the 2015 camps, and check out this video:

Virtual Reality

Students of the Game Development Camp get to try out the brand new room-space virtual reality experience powered by the HTC VIVE!
HTC VIVE headset